It began when a Greek boy met a Cali girl in Georgia. Together a beautiful family was created & to support it the two worked very hard in the Atlanta restaurant scene for a combined 30 years.


They entertained the idea of working for themselves & over time took a traditional Greek staple known as the Sideritis plant only served hot & created a healthy authentic plant-based Greek & Southern fused beverage that would go with souvlaki, deviled eggs & Yia Yia's fried chicken. 


Along with their ingenious millenial daughter, the couple started making the flavored plant-based beverages for family, friends & local restaurants throughout Metro Atlanta with praises of how clean & delicious they tasted to no avail.


The family unanimously decided to focus on introducing Greek plant-based beverages to the world so they set up a manufacturing facility in Atlanta, Georgia to produce & distribute.

And thus Olympus was born.